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Helping Paws in The News!

"Rescue group pushes for new animal shelter in Chambers County"

Update: We are pleased to announce that our voices were heard and the new Chambers County shelter is due to be completed in 2021!

Rescue Puppy

Houston PetSet 2020 Grant Recipient

We are pleased to announce that we were approved for a grant for a Spay and Neuter Event in Chambers County! Thank you Houston PetSet! Helping Paws in Chambers County recognizes the need for a spay and neuter program in our community. In addition to improving the animal’s overall health, we feel that spaying and neutering addresses two important issues, homelessness and suffering. By reducing the number of births, we can reduce the number of homeless and stray animals needing homes. We receive pleas for help daily from Chambers County residents. We hear you and want to help.

Please apply for assistance in the spay and neuter section!


Saved Animals By Year

2018: 214

2019: 132

2020: 290

2021: 50 and counting!